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Unicorn Block Mane Planner

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This PDF file is a helpful chart to aid in creating a multi-coloured mane for the Unicorn block pattern.  Unicorn block pattern sold separately.
Please note: This chart was designed to work with version 6 of the unicorn pattern (or later). If you are using an earlier version of the pattern, you will want to switch G1 and G2 in the chart so G2 is strand 9 and G1 is strand 8. To determine which version you have, check the file name, i.e. unicorn_vXX.pdf where XX is the version number, or look for the date at the bottom of Page 1. Version 6 will have a date of 2 May 2017 or later. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Happy sewing!

You will get a PDF (70KB) file